Samantha Jacks

Samantha Jacks, or Sam, as she is known in the streets of LA, is an actress and all around funny lady. Born and raised in Las Vegas, (yes, people are from there) she made the move to LA, and shortly found her way over to The Groundlings.  Sam is a Groundlings Sunday Company Alumni, and can be seen performing there often. Sam has been cast in several television shows including, FOURSOME, SCHOOL OF ROCKINSTANT MOM, and THE HAUNTED HATHAWAYS.  She also co-created and starred in the web-series THE LIFE. You can catch her in commercials, sometimes even in khakis.  In addition to acting, Sam wrote for the CBS Diversity Showcase, and for Nickelodeon's online show, "Short and Funny." Check her out, or don't, it's your call.